Welcome to our homepage

We have a wide variety of interests, and this web site is a "natural extension" of some of those interests. It's become a place where we can "show off our stuff" and share some of our interests with the people who visit our site. We hope you enjoy browsing the pages of our various galleries. Please feel free to visit as often as you like. We update the site on an "infrequent as needed" basis, so if you don't see what you're looking for today, it just might be here tomorrow!

Our photo gallery is a sampling of some of our favorite digital images.  We'll be adding to this gallery occasionally, so visit often and enjoy the scenery!!!!  We've added a few scanned images from our SLR cameras to the end of the gallery.  The type of film used as well as the time and place are in the descriptions.

Favorite People is a listing of some of the many outstanding people we have met in our travels.  There are links to some great sellers, interesting people and unique products on this page, so please check out their sites.

Fun Places is a listing of interesting and unusual attractions that we have visited and enjoyed.  Some of these have been the "inspiration" behind many of the photographs on our pages and in our gallery.

This web site is the combined efforts of the two of us.  It is meant to be a learning experience in HTML, and as such will continually be growing and changing as our skills continue to grow and change.  What started out "simple" has already become MUCH more than originally planned.  One thing for sure, we started it for fun, and it has definitely been a fun experience so far!!!!!!

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Interested in learning more about Barbaro, horse rescue, and other interesting topics??  Visit our forum at www.coraandjohn.net/forum/.


Click here to see our outdoor Christmas display.